Setting the heater a couple of degrees lower can save you 10% on energy*

Heating and cooling the whole house is the largest energy usage and can be expensive!


By keeping the elements out and controlling the spaces you mostly live in, you can maintain a comfortable environment and save energy!

  • Use door snakes and door seals to keep out the cold
  • Ensure your windows are closed and sealed
  • Close blinds/curtains at night to keep warm air in and open during the day to let the sun warm the house
  • Ensure window shading is chosen based on the size and orientation of your window
  • Block air flow from unused fireplaces
  • Make sure you have good quality insulation in your roof, walls and even under the floor to further reduce the need for heating or cooling
  • If you are upgrading your windows, consider double glazing to reduce heat loss
  • Every degree heated above 20°C can add 10% to your winter bill*
  • Dress for the temperature! Wearing wool or layers can lower the amount of energy you use on heating
  • Consider switching off your heater at night or when you’re leaving the house
  • Consider zoning heating, including closing vents and doors in areas you are not using
  • Running a ceiling fan on low can help push warm air from the ceiling back down again
  • Ensure that heating and cooling appliances are clean and not having to worker harder than required to hit the optimal temperature
  • Underfloor heating is comfortable, but can be a big energy user
  • Remember to check energy rating labels when buying heating and cooling appliances
*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.