Corporate Buyers

Corporate Buyers

Diamond CLEAN enabling you to benefit from a direct renewable energy linkage, balancing your load and generation, coupled with SBTI GHG Scope 2 emissions avoidance 


We offer electricity supply agreements to corporate customers including all the necessary services and the provision of an experienced, dedicated account manager.


These include :


– Roll-in & Roll-Out provisions for all metered sites (large, small & unmetered sites if desired)

– Provision of monthly usage reports (invoicing, transfers, site listings) & KPI Reporting

– Customer portal access to historical invoices & usage data through our myAccount

– Access to a Meter Data Portal to nominated account representative

– Coordination with nominated metering coordinator, and embedded network manager

– Inclusion of upcoming wholesale market demand response mechanisms

– Inclusion of operation of future potential embedded battery systems

– Access to additional renewable energy volume from our existing portfolio

– Marketing rights associated with the project and purchasing offer

– Coordination with relevant network service providers, to enact any service order requests

– Access to Diamond GEM, a propriety system, to manage customer demand response

– Regulatory & compliance management as required to service all connection points

– Inclusion of “self-generation” from proposed roof top solar installations

Further information on some of our existing corporate relationships can be found in the links below:


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