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Sign up for the VB Solar Exchange with us.

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We will be in touch to confirm your eligibility.

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Switch your electricity to us, begin
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Exchange your excess solar with CUB at no extra cost and be over 18.

Vb Slab

Every $1.25 earns a VB, 24 VB’s gets a slab, maximum 24 slabs.


Quarterly exchange periods, ends on 31st December 2023.

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You must switch to Diamond Energy. You can add on VB Solar Exchange, see our rates and charges for your region here.

House With Solar Panels

Be connected to the grid, a residential customer, with 6KW’s of solar or less, in NSW, VIC, SA or QLD (Energex only), with a retailer only funded feed-in rate.


Have a bi-directional interval meter.

We believe that renewable energy and solar should be accessible to all. We are proud to work with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) in their campaign to put the Australian sun to work and give hard working Aussies the opportunity to use their excess solar energy through the VB Solar Exchange.
Exchanging your excess solar for beer is simple! It is a way to thank solar owners by offering them an alternative for the excess energy their house creates from the sun!

As your electricity retailer, Diamond Energy will track your excess solar energy and share this data with CUB. CUB will exchange one x 375mL bottle or can (your choice) of VB for each $1.25 of excess solar feed-in credits you earn. Your hard earned VB will be available quarterly, in line with your billing schedule and after you have paid your bill. VB will make your beer available, with vouchers to enable you to pick up your beers from a third party vendor. You’ll be billed on a quarterly cycle, and all Dan Murphy’s vouchers will be emailed once that quarter is complete and you have paid your Diamond Energy bill. Any extra beers you’ve earned will be held over to the next quarter, with the calendar quarters ending on the 31st December 2023.


You will be eligible to collect from Dan Murphy’s a maximum of 24 slabs of VB during your participation in the VB Solar Exchange. Feed-in Credits not exchanged for beer will be paid to you by CUB in a prepaid debit card at the end of each quarter after the beer slabs maximum is reached.

Once the VB Solar Exchange ends on 31 December 2023, you will remain a customer of Diamond Energy. You may cancel your election to participate in the VB Solar Exchange at any time by notifying Diamond Energy. You may also leave Diamond Energy at any time, but if you do so, you will no longer be able to participate in the VB Solar Exchange.

To participate in this program, you must become a residential electricity customer of Diamond Energy, and meet the following additional VB Solar Exchange eligibility criteria. These eligibility criteria are:

1.  A Solar-PV System less than or equal to 6kW DC capacity must be installed at the Supply Address (which is your residential address).

2. You have a bi-directional interval meter operating at the Supply Address.

3. You do not have an ABN and be over 18 years of age.

4. Your Supply Address is connected directly to the grid and is located New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, or Queensland (Energex only).

5. You are not receiving government, WattBank®, Renters Reward or distributor-funded Feed-in Tariff adjustments.

6. You agree to exchange your entitlement to be paid the Feed in Credit by Diamond Energy for VB beer to be exchanged with CUB (VB) at a rate of $1.25 / 375mL bottle or can. This means that while you participate in the VB Solar Exchange you have no right to receive any payment or credit from Diamond Energy, or any other benefit except for the VB beers provided to you by CUB.

7. You will be billed on a quarterly cycle and will be eligible to receive the VB you’ve exchanged for your excess solar once the quarter is complete and Diamond Energy has confirmed your electricity bill is paid in full by the due date.

8. You consent to Diamond Energy and CUB (VB) sharing your data which includes your name, the supply address, your contact details, and your solar energy accumulation and VB Solar Exchanges. This information will be stored, used, and disclosed in accordance with each company’s privacy policy (see information on how we protect the privacy of our customers here.)

9. If you do not already have a smart meter, you will be required to upgrade your meter.

If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be able to participate in the VB Solar Exchange.

For the period you participate in the VB Solar Exchange, we send you electricity invoices each quarter, including:

  1. Your charges for electricity used from the grid
  2. Feed-in credits for solar-generated electricity exported to the grid
  3. Feed-in credits transferred to CUB – this will be the same dollar value as the feed-in credit for exported electricity
  4. The number of bottles of beer/cans /slabs your feed-in credit was exchanged for ***

***subject to VB Solar Exchange Terms and Conditions found here at VB Solar Exchange Terms and Conditions

You must pay your electricity bills in full to receive your VB Solar Exchange “beers”. If you pay your electricity bill after its due date, any “beers” exchanged will be held over to the next quarter****

****subject to CUB limits and Terms and Conditions found here at VB Solar Exchange Terms and Conditions

Don’t worry, If you don’t pay your electricity bill in full and on time, your beers will be rolled into the next quarter’s delivery.

If you’re in financial hardship, or having payment difficulties, you can find out about our support programs or contact us during business hours. In some cases we may recommend that it is best for you to exit the program and receive your feed-in credits as a reduction in your electricity bill.

Diamond Energy is an Australian based, electricity retailer and generator, operating since 2004. Committed to helping you save energy and save on your bills, we specialise in helping people get the most out of solar and are excited to support CUB with this innovative program.
Our Australian based team is here to help. Our electricity offers are solar-friendly and include competitive rates and ongoing discounts that don’t disappear or reduce your feed-in credits. We’ll help you to get set up to save, and our friendly team is always available to provide tips on how you can save even more.

Diamond Energy is VB’s electricity retailer of choice, we offer unique solar friendly electricity retail services to help our customers get more out of their solar systems.

CUB chose us as the electricity retailer to assist with the VB Solar Exchange, based on the following:

Solar friendly plans and great everyday rates; with our ongoing direct debit and pay on time discounts, that don’t reduce your feed-in credits. Our offers deliver a lowest annual price which is below the government determined reference prices in each region

  • 5-star rated in Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide **
  • Smart energy tips to help you save and maximise your solar

** 2022 Green Electricity Guide

Service and Local Support

  • We have a highly knowledgeable and friendly customer service team, with very low complaint rates and customer service calls being answered within 30 seconds! We are majority Australian owned with our customer support team based in Victoria.
  • Our “myAccount” portal enables customers with smart meters to get detailed usage and excess solar information.

Supporting Renewables

  • Diamond Energy has been highly rated by Greenpeace since 2009 and share the current number one, five-star rating on the Green Electricity Guide.
  • We have a selection of innovative products designed to help you maximise your solar and battery systems, such as the VB Solar Exchange!

We have one readily available market offer in your region and the VB Solar Exchange is an optional add-on to our competitive, readily available market offer in your region, at no extra cost.

Our solar friendly market offers are competitive, with everyday rates and ongoing discounts that don’t reduce your feed-in credits, By paying on time with direct debit, our offers deliver a lowest annual price which is below the government determined reference prices in each region.

Please note that our current feed-in rate is7.0 c/kWh, however, this rate can be modified at any time as we respond to ongoing changes in the energy market. The Victorian Government department DELWP has legislated a decrease in the minimum feed-in credit rate to 5.2c/kWh effective as of July 2022, these may affect the value of your future feed-in credit.

At Diamond Energy, we love innovative ideas that are designed to support the growth of renewable energy in Australia and place a huge emphasis on the power of solar as part of Australia’s renewable energy future. We believe that renewable energy, including solar, should be accessible to all. We are proud to support Carlton & United Breweries, as it takes a significant and corporate leading step towards sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewables.
We support the responsible service and consumption of alcohol. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. Learn more about drinking and your health here.
Diamond Energy has no “lock in contracts”.
The no “lock-in contracts” apply to the VB Solar Exchange, customers are free to leave the program, at no cost or select a different energy retailer at their discretion. However, the VB Solar Exchange is exclusive to Diamond Energy customers only.
If you choose to leave the program, your excess solar will be exchanged up to the date you leave.

You can get the most out of VB Solar Exchange by maximise the benefits from your solar system by cutting back any trees or shading over your system, ensuring that you seek maintenance on your panels if you believe they may be under-performing, and by taking a look at our efficient usage tips.

Unfortunately, while natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, it is still a non-renewable fossil fuel – the extraction of natural gas is environmentally devastating and gas as a fuel source is consumed at a much quicker rate than it can be naturally produced. As an Electricity Generator and Retailer, Diamond Energy has strong environmentally sustainable values and we are on a Renewable Energy Revolution! They only own and invest in sustainable and renewable energy generation assets and therefore do not supply gas.
Transferring your electricity supply to Diamond Energy will not change your gas supplier, however, it may affect your current retail offer if you are receiving a “dual-fuel” discount or benefit. If you are unsure, you can contact your current gas retailer for more information.