Being willing to set your air-conditioner a couple of degrees higher can save you $80 per year*

Heating and cooling the whole house is the largest energy usage and can be expensive!
By keeping the heat out and controlling the spaces you mostly live in, you can maintain a comfortable environment and save energy!
  • Closing blinds/curtains during the day can keep out extreme heat
  • Ensure window shading is chosen based on the size and orientation of your window to maintain consistent temperatures within the home
  • Double glazed windows can keep the cooler air in
  • Installing insulation in your roof, walls and under floor if you have the option
  • Setting air conditioning cooling temperatures to no less than 26 °C can save energy*
  • Fans use less energy than air-conditioners
  • Consider zoning cooling, including closing vents and doors in areas you are not using
  • Use the auto setting instead of the on setting, so your air-con only uses energy when needed
  • Avoid placing home entertainment systems and lamps near air-conditioning thermostats. Electronics can add heat to the air, causing the system to work harder than necessary
*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.