Getting the temperature of your fridge right, could save you 5% energy*

Cooking and preparing food uses lots of energy.
A few small behaviour changes, as well as ensuring that kitchen appliances are running efficiently, can help save energy!
  • Check your seals for air leakage! You should not be able to easily slide a playing card between the seal and the fridge
  • Minimise opening the fridge and freezer – a bit of planning for your requirements can help
  • Get the temperature of your fridge or freezer right; recommended target for fridge temperature is 3-5°C and freezer -15-18°C
  • If you have an older freezer, defrost regularly! Ice build-up can mean you are using more energy
  • Thawing food during the day will save you using a microwave and reduce cooking time
  • Cooking with lids on is faster and also saves energy
  • Only preheat your oven at the minimum requirement and limit opening the door
  • Microwave ovens generally use less energy than stovetops and ovens
*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.