The Block 2016

Renewable Power for “The Block 2016”

Congratulations Karlie and Will on winning The Block 2016.

Diamond Energy was proud to be associated with the successful 2016 season. We supplied The Block with 100% Diamond Pure Plus – our accredited GreenPower product from our own renewable generators.

For the “first time in The Block history it was exciting to embrace the new world ….with 100% renewable energy for the build..”, Julian Cress, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The Block .

“When cameras rolled, lights were switched on, or tradies fired up their drills, Diamond Energy were offsetting the electricity usage with their own 100% accredited renewable energy. Drama but no carbon!”, GreenPower commented.

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Who is Diamond Energy?

Diamond Energy is an electricity retailer passionate about renewable energy in Australia. We own our own renewable generators and support new renewable technologies including solar, bio-energy, wind and wave energy.

We aim to source more electricity from renewable generators than the total amount consumed by our customers.  It is exciting to know that the more customers we have, the more renewable generation we can support.

By supporting us, our customers have taken a simple step to make their electricity spend count. Every day they are supporting renewable generation whilst enjoying competitive rates and great service for their homes and businesses.

Does Diamond Energy supply electricity to my area?

Diamond Energy supplying electricity to residential and small business customers in VIC, NSW, SA and Qld (Energex region only) – offering competitive rates and great service.

Does Diamond Energy support homes and business with solar?

We are the solar friendly electricity retailer, providing our customers with some of the highest feed in rates available. We also provide smart tips to ensure solar customers enjoy many years of free electricity from their rooftops. If you are thinking of installing solar see our information on things you should know about solar and feed in credits – we will ensure you have a smooth transition keeping you updated along the way.

How does Diamond Energy support renewable generation?

We own our own renewable generators and support renewable technologies including solar, bioenergy, wind and wave. With the growing support of our customers, we can continue to support more of these great projects.

How is Diamond Pure Plus - GreenPower supplied to The Block from our generators?

Our renewable generators are GreenPower Accredited. Through the government GreenPower scheme, accredited renewable energy certificates from our renewable generators are surrendered to match “The Block 2016” electricity consumption. You can find out more information about our own renewable generators and other generators we support here.

Our GreenPower Accredited product is one of the most competitively priced GreenPower products in the market – find out more about Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower.

Are Diamond Energy rates competitive?

Yes, we have some of the most competitive electricity rates in VIC, SA, NSW and QLD (Energex region only)  for residential and small business customers. We continually appear as one of the lowest cost electricity retailers in government price comparison websites (eg. Energy Made Easy, My Power Planner) – you can see our rates for your area.

You can see our video updates from the series.

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