The Block 2016

Diamond Energy in the spotlight!

Diamond Energy is proud to have supplied The Block with 100% Diamond Pure Plus – our accredited GreenPower product from our own renewable generators.

To find out about getting your ‘block’ supplied with electricity from an environmentally friendly electricity retailer with competitive rates and simple plans, you can request a free, no obligation bill comparison

No obligation bill comparison

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Are Diamond Energy rates competitive?

Yes! We have some of the most competitive electricity rates in VIC, SA, NSW and QLD (Energex region only) for residential and small business customers. You can view our rates here.

Does Diamond Energy supply electricity to my area?

Diamond Energy supplying electricity to residential and small business customers in VIC, NSW, SA and Qld (Energex region only) – offering competitive rates and great service.

How is 100% Diamond Pure Plus supplied to The Block from our generators?

Our renewable generators are GreenPower Accredited. Through the government GreenPower scheme, accredited renewable energy certificates from these generators are surrendered to match “The Block 2016” electricity consumption.

Our GreenPower Accredited product is one of the most competitively priced GreenPower products in the market – find out more about Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower.

How does Diamond Energy support renewable generation?

We own our own renewable generators and support sustainable technologies including solar, bioenergy, wind and wave. With the growing support of our customers, we are able to bring online more of these generators. You can read more here.


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