Sunshine Coast Solar Farm

Sunshine Coast Solar Farm

We are excited to be helping bring more solar to communities around Australia.  We are the energy partner proudly supporting the Sunshine Coast Council as the first local government council to offset its entire electricity consumption with renewable energy, generated by their own 15MW solar farm.  Ratepayers in the Sunshine Coast Council community are able to benefit from $22million in savings from Council’s lower electricity costs over the next 30 years in this operating, peer to peer utility scale project.

This ground breaking project uses Diamond CLEAN, an innovative model that enables large scale renewable energy projects to directly link with large electricity consumers.

The ongoing support of our customers has enabled us to continue to work with organisations that are building Australia’s renewable energy future.

You can read more in the media release and in the news here and here.

Project Summary

Located at:                                      Valdora, Queensland
Capacity:                                         15 MW
Commissioned:                              2017
Owned and Operated by:              Sunshine Council QLD