Solar friendly and supporting renewables

Diamond Energy is the solar friendly electricity retailer and we are proud to be a preferred electricity retailer in the Suncrowd promotional events.

Our electricity offers for solar customers are simple to understand. You can relax and feel comfortable you are continuing to enjoy ongoing competitive rates including one of the highest feed in rates available.

Our friendly local team are knowledgeable in solar and ready to support you every step on your solar journey.

FREE – no obligation bill comparison

For a no obligation, free bill comparison just attach and send a copy of your most recent bill.

No obligation bill comparison

If you are thinking about batteries, you can find out how to earn more with Diamond Energy GridCredits100.

If you have solar and your payments with the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme end on 31st December 2016, you can register your interest to be kept updated on our developments.

Can Diamond Energy supply power to my property?

Diamond Energy has been supplying electricity to residential and small business customers in VIC, NSW, SA and Qld (Energex region) for a number of years – providing competitive rates and great service.

How does Diamond Energy support solar customers?

Diamond Energy service thousands of solar customers across the country by offering some of the most competitive rates and one of the highest feed in rates.

If you are one of the early adopter households who recognised the benefits of solar years ago, then you may be already receiving a state based feed in tariff under a scheme that is now closed to new recipients. Subject to eligibility check, you will continue to receive your feed in tariff when you switch.

If you are eligible for a net feed in tariff, they will top it up with their standard rate (currently 8c/kWh) – one of the highest available.

Diamond Energy also have programs that offer even higher feed in rates if you are looking to purchase a new solar system through one of their Pure Power solar installers.

Where does Diamond Energy source electricity from?

Diamond Energy sources electricity from generators that are Renewable Energy Target (RET) Scheme approved and accredited to produce 100% GreenPower, including Diamond Energy’s own Tatura and Shepparton biogas plants.

They balance their customer’s usage with the electricity they buy from these projects.

They also source electricity from rooftops of thousands of solar customers across the country that are exporting into the grid.

The growing support of customers enables Diamond Energy to support more new renewable generation projects.

Is there any disruption to my power supply during the switching process?

No, your power will not be cut off. Switching just involves the transfer of information from your current electricity retailer to another.

What if I'm on a contract but want to switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy is easy. They handle it for you, including contacting your existing retailer.  If you are on a contract with your existing electricity retailer you can find out from them whether there are any exit fees associated with changing, but ultimately they can’t stop you switching.

Does Diamond Energy offer GreenPower products?

Yes. Diamond Energy offers Diamond Pure Plus, a GreenPower accredited product range for those wanting to make the extra commitments to support renewable energy products.

What happens after I sign up online?

  • You will receive an auto-reply email.
  • You will receive a welcome pack over the next couple of business days outlining the offer, your electricity rates and the approximate date in which you will transfer.

You can view our Charges in your distribution region our Term and Important Information.

If you would prefer to talk to us, you can call between 8.30am and 6.00pm weekdays on 1300 838 009.