Special feed in credit offers through Pure Power solar installers

Offers through Pure Power solar installers

If you are about to install solar, you can sign up to one of our special feed in credit offers, only available with new solar packages through our Pure Power solar installers.

By choosing a solar package through one of our Pure Power solar installers, you can feel comfortable you are getting:

    • Good quality solar equipment and services – we only work with experienced, high quality installers.
    • A team that works together seamlessly to get you connected quickly and to make your solar transition as smooth as possible.
    • A solar focused electricity retailer that pro-actively monitors each step for you on your transition to solar.
    • Access to special feed-in credit offers that provide you higher return on your solar investment including 20 cent feed in credit (25cents with SunPower panels) and WattBank*.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Special feed-in credit offers are provided in conjunction with our competitive electricity rates.