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Low Base Rates


(excluding GST)


(including GST)

Discount included


Daily supply charge 116.95c/day 128.65 c/day 105.26
All day rate 1st 340 kWh/month 20.79 c/kWh 22.87 c/kWh 18.71
balance kWh/month 23.16 c/kWh 25.48 c/kWh 20.84
Controlled load if applicable 14.31 c/kWh 15.74 c/kWh 12.88

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           ^Discount included rate is an estimated rate (excluding GST) after all discount eligibility criteria are met and discounts applied. You should read our Discount Offers Terms and Conditions to understand the eligibility criteria and application of discounts to your bill, including that some discounts may be included in a subsequent bill.

*This offer applies for residential electricity customers in the relevant distribution area, on the applicable network tariff and metering configuration. Terms and conditions apply. You can view the  Energy Price Fact Sheet for full offer details.