GreenPower press release

Diamond Energy is Australia’s newest provider of GreenPower accredited renewable energy to households, businesses and events.

Diamond Energy is now approved to sell a GreenPower accredited product and have several options available including 20%, 50% and 100% GreenPower. These options will initially be available to customers in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

By purchasing GreenPower accredited renewable energy, households and businesses are reducing their impact on the environment and are helping to support Australia’s renewable energy industry.

Since 2009, more that $500M worth on investment has gone back to supporting the more than 140 GreenPower accredited renewable energy generators across Australia, through the voluntary purchase of GreenPower (based on an average Large-scale Generation Certificate and wholesale electricity price of $60).

Once a customer purchases GreenPower through Diamond Energy, this commits us to purchasing the equivalent amount of accredited renewable energy, which is added to the electricity grid on the customer’s behalf.

“Offering GreenPower products enable our customers to make a further commitment to the growth and development of renewable energy in Australia. As a renewable energy retailer with our own GreenPower accredited generation facilities we are proud to support this initiative” said Tony Sennitt, Managing Director of Diamond Energy. “We source a large percentage of our GreenPower from our own GreenPower accredited bio-energy generators based at Tatura and Shepparton in Victoria.”

“What’s great about purchasing GreenPower accredited renewable energy is it is additional to the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target. This means GreenPower purchases are considered to be above and beyond these mandated requirements, which ensures more renewable energy is added to Australia’s electricity grids than would otherwise be the case.”