Feed in credits

Feed in credits

Electricity produced by your solar system is used in your home first to reduce the electricity you buy from the grid. A feed in rate is the rate your receive for the extra electricity your solar system exports to the local power grid.

Diamond Energy standard feed in rate is one of the highest available.

 State Minimum mandated Feed-in Rate Diamond Energy Standard Feed-in Rate More information
VIC 5.0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
SA 6.8 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Government of SA
QLD (Energex) 0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Department of Energy and Water Supply
NSW 0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh NSW Trade and Investment
We also have a number of special feed in credit* offers available if you have you install a new solar system with one of our Pure Power solar installers. Our special feed in credit offers provide you a higher feed in rate for a period of time to help you get to know your solar system and manage your electricity usage.

Customers on pre-existing feed in tariff schemes

If you are one of the lucky Australian homes who recognised the benefits of solar early, then you may be receiving a state based feed in tariff under a scheme that is now closed for new entrants. Subject to eligibility, you can continue to receive your feed-in tariff if you change your electricity retailer.

If you are eligible for a net feed in tariff, we will also top it up with our standard feed in rate, currently 8c/kWh.

Feed in credit tips and traps with electricity retailers

If you are thinking about going solar, or already have solar, it is really important to understand the different retail electricity offers and chose the right one for you. Beware! They are not all the same, in fact they can be very different!

Here are some tips and traps you should be aware of (we know, we have seen all of them!)

Higher feed in rates might be hiding higher electricity rates

Make sure you understand the whole electricity offer and don’t be distracted by the feed in rate. Have a look at the electricity rates, any extra fees and terms and conditions that may apply. For example if you are offered an extra 2 cents/kWh feed in rate, you may also be required to pay much higher rates for electricity you buy from the grid.

When you go solar, make sure your discounts don't disappear

Remember to check whether discounts apply for solar customers. Sometimes they disappear.

Discount on your bill or discount on your charges?

This is a very subtle and tricky trap. If you are receiving a discount on the total bill, this will be calculated on the remaining balance after your feed in credits. This means your discount amount is reduced due to your solar system. So if your bill is in credit, you will receive no discounts. That’s very sneaky and not very solar friendly.

If you receive a discount on your charges, your discount will continue to be there, even if your bill is in credit. We call that solar friendly.

Are there any additional fees for solar customers?

Watch out for hidden solar fees.  For example, monthly solar administration fees, monthly solar meter fees or fees for your credit balance to be paid out.

Switching and comparison sites can be helpful, but may not take into account all aspects of solar

There are many switching sites that help compare electricity offers. Many of these sites are great for comparing charges when you don’t have solar. Beware! Many comparison sites may not consider solar system size, the amount of electricity you export and the way discounts are calculated.

Don't sign a contract with a retailer that doesn't support solar customers

Beware! When you go solar you may be asked to sign a new contract. Don’t feel pressured. Take the time to understand your electricity contract and go with a solar friendly electricity retailer.
We love solar customers, it’s as simple as that. We want to help you get the most out of your solar system today and into the future. We keep things easy and transparent with competitive rates, discounts and one of the highest feed in rates. We think that is solar friendly.

*Terms and conditions apply