Feed in credits

Our Feed in Credits

Electricity produced by your solar system is used in your home first to reduce the electricity you buy from the grid. A feed in rate is the rate your receive for the extra electricity your solar system exports to the local power grid.

Diamond Energy standard feed in rate is one of the highest available.

 State Minimum mandated Feed-in Rate Diamond Energy Standard Feed-in Rate More information
VIC 5.0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
SA 6.8 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Government of SA
QLD (Energex) 0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh Department of Energy and Water Supply
NSW 0 c/kWh 8.0 c/kWh NSW Trade and Investment