Discount offers

Discount offers

You can read our frequently asked questions to find out more about our Direct Debit  andPay on Time discount offers.

Am I eligible for discounts?

Discount offers are available for residential and small business customers on our standard supply offers only. If you are receiving one of our promotional or non-standard residential offers you will be eligible for discount offers where we have notified you as such in writing.

To receive our Direct Debit discount you will also need to:

  • provide details of your preferred Direct Debit payment method and
  • ensure your invoice total is successfully processed on the due date of your bill via direct debit.

To receive our Pay on Time discount you don’t need to fill in any forms, just:

  • agree to paperless billing, and
  • make full payment of your account by the due date via one of our approved payment methods.


Didn’t meet the eligibility criteria for a given billing period? That’s ok – discounts will be available when you get back on-track and meet them again.

As an existing customer, can I receive discounts?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

At Diamond Energy, we don’t offer discounts to attract new customers and then remove them after a short period of time. Our great rates and discount offers are available ongoing to all eligible customers on our standard supply offers.

What do the discounts apply to and how will they appear on my bill?

Our Direct Debit and Pay on Time discount offers apply to your supply and usage charges (both daily supply charges and grid consumption/usage rates).

We also apply discounts before taking into account any feed in credits and eligible concession entitlements.

Where eligibility criteria are met, discounts will be applied to your following bill or in some cases, your current bill and will be appear as a separate credit.

Please note that any one-off charges such as special meter reads, late payment fees, solar system inspections, meter upgrades and other nominated charges do not attract discounts – see our Terms and Conditions or contact us for details.

I have a solar system, how do discounts apply to me?

We love solar customers! If you have solar you can also receive our discount offers where eligible as above. This is in addition to getting our competitive rates and solar friendly service.

Furthermore, our discounts are applied before any solar feed in credits – so you will receive your discounts even if your account is in credit!  

How do Diamond Energy discounts compare with other electricity retailers?

Be aware, bigger is not always better when it comes to discounts on retail electricity offers.

Here at Diamond Energy:

  • we don’t inflate our rates to enable big discounts – our discounts are applied to our already great rates!
  • our discounts apply to both the daily supply charge and usage rates – not just one or the other.
  • our discounts apply before solar feed in credits and any eligible concessions.
  • our discounts continue whilst eligibility criteria are met – they don’t disappear after a short introductory period.
  • we have no hidden fees and charges to catch you – such as large termination fees and contract terms.

For further details please refer our Discount Offer Terms and Conditions.

If you have further questions or want to find out more, you can always give us a call during business hours.