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WattBank Special Product

You can see the electricity charges that apply to your property in the following Energy Price Fact Sheets, which apply with the Diamond Energy WattBank special offer.

The price in your area is based on tariffs charged by your ‘poles and wires’ company commonly referred to as a Distributor.

Your Distributor can be identified on your current bill, either by finding the Distributor name or by identifying the first 3 numbers of your 10 or 11 digit National Meter Identification (NMI).

State NMI starting with Energy Price Fact Sheets
VIC 600  Jemena
610 Citipower
620 Powercor
630  AusNet
640  United Energy
SA 20/21 or SA SA Power Network
QLD  31 or QB  Energex
NSW 41  Ausgrid
40/42/44/45 Essential
43 Endeavour

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