Make the switch to Diamond Energy to support renewable energy

If the Climarte festival left you wondering how to take action on climate change, here is a simple step for you to take now.

At Diamond Energy we believe that electricity from renewable generation is capable of making a difference and being part of the solution to climate change. You too can be part of the solution by making your electricity spend count when you choose an electricity retailer that supports renewable generation.

We own and operate our own renewable energy generators and support other new innovative renewable energy technologies, such as solar energy, bio energy, wind energy and wave energy projects to be delivered across the country.

Our recent ranking in the Greenpeace Australia Green Electricity Guide 2014 supports our environmental credentials, including our positive support for new renewables.

The exciting part is that the more customers we have, the more new renewable energy generation projects we can support.

Why should you switch to Diamond Energy?

1. Passionate about renewables. We support new renewable generation projects and the Renewable Energy Target – the more customers we have, the more we can support.
2. Competitive rates. We keep it simple with great rates on all our residential offers with no complex plans, conditional discounts or hidden charges.
3. Quick and easy. Our online sign-up makes it so easy to switch; it takes less than 5 minutes.
4. Real people, personalised service. We understand your time is important. We give you the right advice and we provide practical smart energy tips.

Be part of the solution and make your electricity spend count by switching to Diamond Energy online now.

If you would prefer to talk to a real person, give us a call between 8.30am and 6.00pm weekdays on 1300 838 009.

Here are some common questions and answers about switching to Diamond Energy.

Can Diamond Energy supply power to my property?

We sure can. We have been supplying electricity to customers in VIC for over four years – providing competitive rates and great service. We also operate in SA, NSW and QLD (Energex only)

Is there any disruption to my power supply during the switching process?

No, your power will not be cut off. Switching just involves the transfer of information from your current electricity retailer to us.

What if I'm on a contract but want to switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy is easy. We handle it for you, including contacting your existing retailer. If you are on a contract with your existing electricity retailer you can find out from them whether there are any exit fees associated with changing, but ultimately they can’t stop you switching.

How long does it take for Diamond Energy to become my retailer once I have completed the online application?

We will let you know the approximate date for your transfer in your welcome pack. You will transfer the next time your poles and wires company reads your meter.

What happens after I sign up online?

You will receive an auto reply email.

You will receive a welcome pack from us over the next couple of business days outlining the offer, your electricity rates and the approximate date in which you will transfer to us.

For more information about us please visit our website.