Ceramet Solar Mildura

Mildura Solar Farm 1

Ceramet Solar’s concentrated photovoltaic 1.5MW capacity demonstration plant located in sunny Mildura Victoria has joined Diamond Energy’s expanding portfolio of new renewable generation projects.

Along with the earlier 0.6 MW capacity test facility at Bridgewater, the facility is owned and operated by Australian company Ceramet Solar. The innovative, high efficiency cutting edge concentrating photovoltaic technology was developed, tested by Solar Systems and is operated by Ceramet Solar. This site has the potential to be developed into on of the largest PV systems in Australia.

Diamond Energy supported this project through gaining generator accreditations, national grid connection and providing market access and purchases the renewable energy from the facilities supplying the local community.

Project Summary

Located at:                                      Mildura, Victoria
Capacity:                                         1.5 MW
Commissioned:                              2013
Owned and Operated by:             Ceramet Solar