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Going solar? Want more from your solar? 

Coming off government feed in tariff ?

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Ongoing guidance, support, rewards and 8cent feed in rate (under review)

Solar Feed in Rates

We pay you for the electricity generated by your solar system that is fed into your local power grid.

Solar Feed in Rates
 Diamond Energy standard feed in rate 8 c/kWh
 Premium Feed in Tariff (PFIT)* 68 c/kWh

Time of Use - 5 day

With Time Of Use your electricity rates change depending on the time of day you use electricity.

 Peak is 7am – 11pm weekdays

 Off Peak is all other times


(excluding GST)


(including GST)

Discount included 


Daily supply charge 149.95 c/day 164.95 c/day 134.96
Peak 1 rate 1st 333 kWh/month 35.45 c/kWh 39.00 c/kWh 31.91
Peak 2 rate next 833 kWh/month 37.70 c/kWh 41.47 c/kWh 33.93
Peak 3 rate balance kWh/month 40.95 c/kWh 45.05 c/kWh 36.86
Off peak 19.95 c/kWh 21.95 c/kWh 17.96
These Charges are exclusive of any applicable discounts*.


Our discounts are ongoing, they don’t disappear after an introductory period.

Discounts apply to usage and daily supply charges.

Pay on Time discount of 7% is applied if you receive paperless bills and pay your bill on time.

Direct Debit discount of 3% is applied when you sign up for direct debit payment method. 

^Discount included rate is an estimated rate (excluding GST) after all discount eligibility criteria are met and discounts applied. You should read our Discount Offers Terms and Conditions to understand the eligibility criteria and application of discounts to your bill, including that some discounts may be included in a subsequent bill.

           *This offer applies for small business electricity customers in the relevant distribution area, on the applicable network tariff and metering configuration. Terms and conditions apply. You can view the Energy Price Fact Sheet for full offer details. Effective February 2017.