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Switch to your solar friendly electricity retailer!

Brilliant Energy and Diamond Energy

Brilliant Energy and Diamond Energy work seamlessly together to ensure you have a hassle free transition and are set up to enjoy many years of free electricity from your rooftop.

By switching your electricity retailer to Diamond Energy in conjunction with your new Brilliant Energy solar system, you will get connected quickly and set up on a competitive solar offer with one of the highest feed in rates available.

Diamond Energy is the solar friendly electricity retailer. Our experienced specialist solar team provides real service and smart tips for solar customers.

We are also active and proud supporters of new innovative renewable generation projects – you can have a look at some of these projects here.


Who is Diamond Energy?

We are an electricity retailer supporting new renewable generation derived from Australia’s pure resources. We own our own renewable generators and support renewable technologies including solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy and wave energy.

We have experienced solar specialist team helping customers every day with hassle free transition to solar to enjoy many years of electricity generation from their rooftops.

You can visit other sections of our website to find out more about us. 

I am about to go solar, what do I need to know about electricity in my home?

Making the decision to install solar on your home or business is very exciting. When you start your solar journey, you should understand how solar systems operate and how solar changes the way electricity works in your house.

You can find out more information by reading things you should know about going solar.

Our experienced and specialist solar team can provide you with lot’s of smart tips to help you get the most out of your solar investment.

Why should I switch to a solar friendly electricity retailer?

If you are about to go solar it is really important you understand the different retail electricity offers and choose the one that is right for you. Beware! They are not all the same, in fact they can be very different!

You can read our feed in credit tips and traps with electricity retailers.

At Diamond Energy, we offer competitive, solar friendly rates on all our products with no hidden fees or charges.

Can Diamond Energy supply power to my property?

We have been supplying electricity to residential and small business customers in VIC, NSW, SA and QLD (Energex region) for over three years – providing competitive rates and great service.

Is there any disruption to my power supply during the switching process?

No, your power will not be cut off. Switching just involves the transfer of information from your current electricity retailer to us.

What if I'm on a contract but want to switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy is easy. We handle it for you, including contacting your existing retailer. If you are on a contract with your existing electricity retailer you can find out from them whether there are any exit fees associated with changing, but ultimately they can’t stop you switching.

How long does it take for Diamond Energy to become my retailer once I have completed the on line application?

This will depend on where your supply address is located and also your local electricity distributor.

If you are in VIC, SA or QLD (Energex only), your transfer to Diamond Energy will most likely complete as your meter is upgraded.

If you are in NSW, in most cases you will transfer the next time your poles and wires company reads your meter.

What happens after I sign up online?

  • You will receive an auto-reply email.
  • You will receive a welcome pack from us over the next couple of business days outlining the offer and your electricity rates.

If you would prefer to talk to us, you can call between 8.30 am and 6.00pm weekdays on 1300 838 009.