BELECTRIC Australia Solar Farm, Mildura

Diamond Energy is excited to announce that BELECTRIC Australia’s new solar farm has joined our portfolio.

The solar farm is based in sun-soaked Mildura, a leading region for solar with some of the best natural solar resources in Australia.

The 3.2MW solar farm is one of the largest solar plants connected to the national grid and was commissioned in 2014 and generates 5.3GWh per year – enough to supply the annual electricity needs of 700 homes. The CO2 savings from this project are 6,200 tonnes per year.

“Here’s a further example of how our increasing number of customers and our unique services support innovative renewable technologies in regional Australia. We are looking forward to continually growing our renewable generation portfolio to support our increasing customer base”, Mr Tony Sennitt, Managing Director, Diamond Energy.

Diamond Energy worked with the BELECTRIC Australia project team to gain generator accreditation under the Renewable Energy Target Scheme. Diamond Energy used it’s unique accreditation and services to support low cost and smooth connection for renewable energy plants.

Diamond Energy also purchases all the renewable energy to supply our growing customer base.