About us

About us

We started in 2004 with a small, passionate team and a vision to “generate change” in the Australian energy market place.  Our first step was to design, build and construct our own biogas powered, GreenPower Accredited renewable generators in Northern Victoria.

As climate change, carbon tax and renewable energy political debates started to boil up, we focused on supporting new, clean and efficient renewable generation that we believe will become even more important to Australia’s energy mix as old, tired coal generators close down.

Our vision to “generate change” challenges the big electricity retailers as new demands from homes and businesses empowered by new technology, start to take control of their energy spend.  We identified an opportunity to create a unique business – an electricity retailer supporting renewable generation derived from Australia’s pure, natural resources. Pure Power from our natural resources can be generated clean and with lower cost.

So today, in addition to our own renewable generators, we support many other innovative renewable technologies utilising pure solar, wind, wave and bio-energy sources (you can find out more about these projects here).  We aim to source more electricity from renewable generators than the total amount consumed by our home and business customers.  It is exciting to know that the more customers we have, the more renewable generation we can support.

Our environmental performance is supported by numerous awards including our high ranking in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide and the winning of the 2010 United Nations Best Business Environmental Initiative (have a look at our awards here). You can also read about our sustainability principles here.

Our passion and ongoing support for renewables has enabled us to create a team and partners with extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable industry. For example, working with our solar partners, we help customers enjoy hassle free transition to solar to ensure they get the most out of their solar investment.  Thanks to our customers and our generators, solar currently accounts for the majority of our renewable generation capacity.

We also continue to keep abreast of further developments in renewables, energy storage and energy management and look forward to introducing even more innovative Pure Power products.

By supporting us, our customers have taken a simple step to make their electricity spend count. Every day they are supporting renewable generation whilst enjoying competitive rates and great service for their homes and businesses.

You too can make your electricity spend count – Switch4Good to Diamond Energy – your Pure Power People.

We believe a group of passionate and committed people can make a difference, so come and join us, give your retailer the ‘coal shoulder’ and Switch4Good to Diamond Energy, your Pure Power People.”

I don't have solar, so what can Diamond Energy do for me?

We have thousands of customers who don’t have solar but want to choose an electricity retailer that is supportive of new renewable generation. We provide great service and have competitive rates with no hidden charges. Switch to Diamond Energy and feel good about taking a positive and simple step to support the growth of new renewable generation in Australia.

How does Diamond Energy support new renewable generation?

We are passionate about renewable energy.

We own and operate our own renewable energy generators and we enable other renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, bioenergy and wave energy, to be delivered particularly in regional Australia locations, with benefits for local jobs and investment.

The growing support of our customers enables us to commit to more of these great new projects and technologies and accelerate the transition away from fossil fuel based generation. We have many more new renewable generation projects in the pipeline and we are really excited about getting them on board.

A switch to Diamond Energy is a positive and simple way to make a difference. How exciting is that!

Does Diamond Energy offer GreenPower accredited products?

We offer Diamond Pure Plus for those who would like to further support renewable energy growth and development in Australia, up and above the mandated requirements of the Renewable Energy Target. It is an accredited product under the National GreenPower Program.

With Diamond Pure Plus you can choose to purchase 100%, 50% or 20% of your metered electricity consumption as GreenPower accredited renewable energy. This commits us to sourcing the equivalent amount of renewable energy from a GreenPower accredited renewable energy generation facility, and adding it to the grid on your behalf. Find out more about Diamond Pure Plus here.

What is Diamond Energy's position with the Renewable Energy Target?

Diamond Energy believes in renewable energy and an expanded Renewable Energy Target. We are proud to own, support and deliver new renewable energy to Australians. We are your Pure Power People.

Who owns Diamond Energy?

Diamond Energy is an Australian private limited company, owned by it’s management team, some small private investors with a minority cornerstone interest from leading global US solar manufacturer SunPower Corporation.

Employment opportunities at Diamond Energy?

You can find out more about current employment opportunities here.
You can also see information about our accreditations and licences